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Full Body Analysis, Personal Training, Allergy testing and Dietary advice, Mental Fitness! Our package is tailor-made for your health and fitness and will dramatically improve the way your body looks, feels and performs. Clients of Healthkick Bath are provided with a tried and tested system starting with your goals in mind and your unique body and personality. Step1 A full body Analysis is the first step with measurements taken, flexibility and a basic idea of strength and endurance levels. Then we set your goals.. It's only when we start a journey with an end in mind that we know when we've got there!! We can then start taking the first steps.

Step2 will be to design you an exercise regime. 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions will be important but so will your desire to be self motivated and exercise in your own time.

The Package that we have for you today includes a 1 hour initial consultation and 4, 1 hour sessions of Personal Training. Diet and Exercise go hand in hand so therefore the next step is to look at your dietary habits and food intolerances.

Step 3 of the package is a food intolerance and sensitivity test, including a vitamin and mineral deficiency test. This is done by Donna Brown. With the results of the test Donna will discuss with you the findings and design a healthy eating plan to avoid your sensitive foods.

Having an intolerance to certain foods can greatly impact upon your health, immune system and fitness. The good news is that it's relatively easy to do something about these intolerances or allergies.You will discover that the answer to a slimmer, happier and healthier life, without fatigue, excess weight, chronic disease or allergies, can simply be achieved through avoiding, replacing or alternating certain foods. Donna mainly recommends that you source all vitamins and nutrients from natural and Organic food sources.

Intolerance Testing is done using a painless, non invasive, bio resonance machine which tests for 81 substances and foods. The machine also pin point vitamin and mineral deficiences, combined these can cause weight gain, tiredness, bloating and many other symptoms like persistent headaches, or achey joints.

Step 4, Mental Fitness! Keeping your goals in mind and keeping mentally strong is the most vital part of this process. Desire and Determination are all part of becoming a healthier, fitter you. Victoria Rawlinson is a Personal Performance Coach/Life Coach with many years experience and will help guide you on your journey and most importantly help you get back on the road to sucess should you falter.. Victoria will take you through your initial consultation and help you set your goals and will provide the emotional back up via text and email during your program.

The cost of individual sessions (not in the package)
1-on-1 Personal Training: 40 per hour
Sports Massage:  40 per hour
Coaching:  50 per hour

And now the most amazing bit ... the price of the package.

Special Package Price: 199 !

To include:
1 hour consultation and assessment with goal setting.
4 x 1 hour Personal Training sessions
1 hour Allergy and Food intolerance testing and dietary consultation (with Donna Brown)

Victoria and Donna are offering you this special package to KickStart your health and give you all the help and guidance that you need to live the happiest healthiest life.

Take advantage of this special offer it's guaranteed to change your life. Call today or use the contact page to book your appointment.